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Documents of the International Society for Panetics (ISP) dealing with quantification were reviewed by me, Robert Daoust, before April 2001. These documents could be found in four locations: the Panetics Global Forum on the Internet (no longer in existence), the articles on the ISP's website (no longer in existence), Ralph Siu's writings (essentially collected in his 1998 book Understanding and Minimizing the Infliction of Suffering), and the journal Panetics.

Panetics was proposed as a discipline by Ralph Siu in order to study the infliction of suffering. The International Society for Panetics was dedicated to the study and development of ways to reduce the infliction of human suffering by individuals, corporations, governments, professions, social groups and other institutions. More information can be found in the Siu Archives.

Panetometry is the art and science of collecting and interpreting quantitative data concerning the infliction of suffering. This term and this definition were proposed here by me for the first time in April 2001.

The following very tentative documents are offered :

Outline of Panetometry

Review of Messages about Quantification on the Panetics Global Forum

Review of Articles Related to Quantification on the ISP's Website

Review of Ralph Siu's Writings on Quantification

Please note that articles concerning quantification in the journal Panetics have not been reviewed until now, but the contents of these articles are, for the essential, included on the ISP's website, or in the Siu's 1998 book. A thorough review of the journal could be presented at a later stage.

Your comments or collaboration are welcome. I invite you to have a look at my website about suffering. See in particular Preparatory Notes for the Measurement of Suffering.

Robert Daoust

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